A Little Transportation Helper in the City Traffic of the Future


The project context

In collaboration with the Institute of Vehicle System Technology (Institut für Fahrzeugsystemtechnik – FAST) of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), an “E-City-Buddy” is to be simulated and tested with OCTANE within a city scenario. The E-City-Buddy (left image) is currently being developed within the Profilregion's initialization project “Traffic and Mobility in a changing Society” along with the project partners, and aims at increasing day-to-day mobility as a mobile transportation helper in the face of the demographic change. For more information on the E-City-Buddy (German only) please visit the FAST website.

Der E-City-Buddy and OCTANE

The city scenario contains new requirements for the simulation platform OCTANE, which exceed the classic necessities of automotive applications. Therefore, new functionalities are being integrated into OCTANE, that are adjusted for the given application.

For instance, besides the classic import of streets out of OpenStreetMap data (OSM data), the new functions cover the extension to mapped sidewalks and crosswalks. The existing triangulation for the generation of streets is augmented with a representation of sidewalks. Additionally, crosswalks are extracted from OSM data and modeled within the extended city environment for simulating a physically correct traversal of the E-City-Buddy.

OCTANE is also extended with a functionality that assigns a flat terrain – for example the terrain of Karlsruhe – any desired elevation profile, by generating uneven terrain with mountains and valleys, which then can be used for a realistic but also controllable consumption simulation of the E-City-Buddies.

OCTANE extensions for the particular application:

  • OpenStreetMap data import of sidewalks and crosswalks
  • Extension of the triangulation to representing sidewalks with chamfers at crosswalks
  • Generation of elevation profiles in combination with any OSM data